Download IPhone Backup Extractor 7.5.8 Build 1874 (x64 & x32) Free

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iPhone Backup Extractor has been tested for viruses and malware

This download is 100% clean of viruses. It was tested with 24 different antivirus and anti-malware programs and was clean 100% of the time. View the full iPhone Backup Extractor homepage for virus test results.

The file that was tested: iphonebackupextractor-latest.exe.

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Installing the iPhone Backup Extractor download:

Reincubate Ltd provides their software as a Windows Executable file and therefore installation is as easy as downloading the file iphonebackupextractor-latest.exe and running it directly after retrieving it. We highly suggest using antivirus software before running *any* files from the Internet. The company hosting this file has a trust rating of 6/10.

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